Behind The Lens

I’m an Arizona native. I love heels and bags. I’ll sport a pair of heels on a photoshoot without even thinking twice! I believe that shoes are the key to a person’s personality and that you can learn allot about a person by looking at their shoes. I love pink, tiffany blue, and gold. Shopping and pretty much anything that glitters.

I love to shop no matter what the occasion may be. Shopping is my outlet for stress. Some women yoga, some zumba. I shop. Mind you it’s an expensive outlet of stress but, there is something about shopping bags and shoeboxes that brings a smile to my face. Kind of like a kid at Christmas.

I always have my nails done but I’m not afraid to get dirty. I love a good jacked up truck and going off road with my husband.

I hate the cold and especially snow! There is just something about ice, snowflakes and a snow shovel that sends a shiver up my spine. Oh, wait I think that’s just the cold!

I’m the girly girl that can be found sporting a jersey and a pair of heels on game day. The Dbacks and the Az Cardinals are my boys! I love talking about how my teams are doing this year. Can you say, “spring training games?”

Out of high school I married my best friend, my prince charming. Stuck in a small town in the middle of nowhere Nebraska since the age of fifteen I ended up meeting the small town boy of my dreams. Ten years later and we’re still as much in love as the day we met. He is my rock and the reason that Mako Photographic Studios exists!

I’m a hopeless romantic that believes that true love does exist, even in today’s world.

I’m a “puppy parent” or DINKWAD (dual income no kids with dogs) and proud of it. I’ll never apologize for not having kids. Most little girls dream of having the white picket fence life with kids and a husband. Me, I dreamt of the white picket fence life with a career, three dogs and a husband.

I enjoy traveling to new places and discovering the world. It’s one of my favorite past times. Wither a weekend get away or a trip across seas, I’m always up for it!

I actually have an old shoe box full of post cards and check bag tags from all the trips we’ve taken. Did I mention I’m a silly sentimental person ? 🙂

I’m a planner but yet, Spontaneous.

I live for Christmas. I’m the crazy person at Wal-Mart 12am the day after Thanksgiving, checking my list twice. It’s kind of like the game battleship but with shopping carts!

My drink of choice is Dr. Pepper. It’s the obsession that I just can’t seem to kick!

At times I’m forgetful, quirky and just plain silly. But that’s just me!